A very special place of shame for those who do not act on the crimes committed in Iraq and Syria

There will be a very special place in The Hall of Shame in our common history for those states, politicians and civil servants who did not assist in investigating, prosecuting, judging and detaining those terrorists who participated in the war-crimes and genocide in Iraq and Syria.

As for Sweden let us remind us of our approach during The World War II and how this approach has continued to characterized our action in the form of a Janus face in our domestic politics as well as our foreign policy. Also on how the sense of guilt and shame continues to abide by Swedish politics and affect our actions in many policy areas. Let’s not repeat the apeasement of the past, as well as the inability and unwillingness of the past.

This time, we do not have any excuse because this time we do have the ability. This time we also have the immediate obligation to act due to the circumstances that it’s our citizens who have committed terrorist offenses, war crimes and genocide in Iraq and Syria. We have an obligation to act also in accordance with the United Nations Daesh Resolution http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=57631. We have an obligation to act both there in the Middle East as well as here in Sweden.

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