“Lazy” fairies or responsible faire!?

1:a maj kuriosa!

Vår gemensamma historia är fylld av nyttiga lärdomar! Det gäller bara att öppna historien, läsa, förstå och framförallt relatera till sin egen nutid och våra speciella omständigheter. Jag antar att begreppet “inte uppfinna hjulet på nytt” var ett av de första begrepp som mänskligheten myntade och sedan nogsamt undvek att tillämpa…

“Gradually other business leaders came to conclusions similar to Eccles. Charles E. Wilson, president of General Electric, called for spending to restore full employment. Progressive manufacturer Henry Dennison dismissed businesspeople who clung to laissez-faire ideology as the “lazy fairies.”
Dennison joined forces with Paul Hoffman of Studebaker, advertising executive William Benton, and top managers from Eastman Kodak, General Foods, Sears and General Motors in the Committee for Economic Development in 1942. Fearful that the economy would slip back into a depression once World War II ended, they advocated an activist state that spent money to promote consumption and high employment. Their position was hardly radical, and they aimed their appeal at “all who are interested in keeping the system of private enterprise and larger personal freedom.” But they understood that capitalism could survive only if there was a way to “counter the tendencies toward boom and depression.”



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