Adaptivity in a situation of halted globalization!

Halted Globalization!? What are the effects on one of the worlds most globalized countries, Sweden!?

Thinking of among others, FOI’s, analysis that globalization has either temporarily halted or is in the zenith for this time and that we might envision a clearer affirmation of pure national interests! What does it mean for one of the most customized globalization and liberalized countries, Sweden? We can see the trend at both national domestic political level
(with requests for re-regulation of various activities) and in the international arena (when countries again are striving in a very decisive and open way to secure access to natural resources around the world) Sweden has been extremely successful through our adaptive ability. We have adapted to and even been one of the driving actors of globalization. What happens now in a situation where we are at the forefront of a development track where we perhaps becoming lonelier!? Is it that we have for some time been running a picture of globalization that right now is just a backdrop, while others devote considerable resources to reassure their own ability by securing resources and flows and their own market. What adaptivity do we have today to adapt to such a development? A number of issues of importance occur to our conclusions and our actions in terms of the focus and ability in a coherent defense- and securitystrategies.


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